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It can be said that there were three layers of culture overlapping each other during the history of Vietnam:  
  Local culture, 

 The culture that mixed with those of China and  other countries in the region, and
 The culture that interacted with Western culture. 

The most prominent feature of the Vietnamese culture is that it was not assimilated by foreign cultures thanks to the strong local cultural foundations. On the contrary, it was able to utilize and localize those from abroad to enrich the national culture.

The Vietnamese national culture emerged from a concrete living environment: a tropical
vietnam travel guides country with many rivers and the confluence of great cultures. The natural conditions (temperature, humidity, monsoon, water -flows, water-rice agriculture ...) exert a remarkable impact on the material and spiritual life of the nation, the characteristics and psychology of the Vietnam-
ese. The Vietnamese nation was formed early in the history and often had to carry out wars of resistance against foreign invaders, which created a prominent cultural feature: a patriotism that infiltrated and encompassed every aspect of life.


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Vietnam Culture

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