Victoria Cantho & Mekong Package


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Victoria Cantho & Mekong Package

    Mekong Delta At A Glimpse - 2days at US$158 per person  
    Mekong Waterways -3days at US$265 per person  
    Mekong Delta in style 3 days at US$ 280 per person  
    Experience the Mekong Delta -3days at US$295 per person  
    Mekong River Cruise -3days at US$380 per person  
    Deep into the Mekong Delta 4day at US$450 per person  
    Saigon - Phnompenh waterway- 4days US$ 510 per person  
    Phnompenh waterway to Saigon 5day at US$710 per person  
    Authentic Mekong Cruise Saigon to Angkor -7days at 1285 per person  
    Endless Mekong waterway & - Angkor wat- 7days at US$ 985 per person  
    Siemriep, Phnompenh ,Saigon waterway -15days at US$1950 per person  


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