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Train S3 in the mountains between Hué and Danang

Domestic Train Schedules

Travelling by train through the length of the country you become part of the scene rather than remaining a detached onlooker, seeing Vietnam as the Vietnamese see it. The train trips take you from North  to South, Hanoi to Sapa... covering  several major attractions along the way, including the picturesque fishing town of Hoi An, the former Imperial capital of Hue, the scenic coastal area of Nhatrang and the vibrant metropolis of Saigon. Train conditions will vary but for the most part will be of a decent standard. The scenery is particularly breathtaking  and by travelling by train  you’ll have the chance to meet a multitude of people from farmers to ethnic hill tribes as well as a host of smiling children along the way. The trips  have many spectacular routes including the scenic Hai Van Pass from Hue to (Danang)Hoi An, the awe-inspiring Reunification Express Train (Train from Saigon to Hanoi) or the luxury Victoria Express , Train Hanoi to Sapa, LiviTrans Express, Deluxe Train Saigon to Phanthiet, Golden Train Saigon to Quynhon,  Train Saigon to Nhatrang, Train Hanoi to Beijing., Train Hanoi to Hue/Danang .

Train Hanoi to Halong .

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