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Vietnam Reunification Express Train
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Vietnamese trains have seven types of accommodation:

  • Soft class 4-berth sleepers - air-conditioned

  • Soft class 4-berth sleepers - without air-conditioning

  • Hard class 6-berth sleepers - air-conditioned

  • Hard class 6-berth sleepers - without air-conditioning

  • Air-conditioned soft class reclining seats

  • Ordinary soft class seats

  • Hard class seats


The best and fastest train in Vietnam is train E1 (Southbound) / E2 (Northbound) introduced in 2002 (pictured above - photo courtesy of Willy Kaemena).  This train uses the most modern rolling stock, with large picture windows unobstructed by the wire mesh that protects most other trains' windows from stones.  Choose this train if you can, but it's proving very popular, and it's often difficult to get berths on unless you book well in advance. 

The second best train in Vietnam is train S1 (Southbound) / S2 (Northbound), pictured below left.  The S1/S2 coaches are all refurbished and painted red whereas most other Vietnamese trains are green.  The next best train is the S3 / S4.  Each of these trains has a full range of classes of accommodation.  Other trains generally use rolling stock that is much older.    


(Above)  Train S1 / S2 at Saigon station...


(Above) The refreshment trolley makes its way down the soft sleeper corridor...


(Above left)  Train S3 calls at Hué.  The two coaches in front of the camera are new air-conditioned soft class sleeping-cars...

(Above right)  Inside one of the air-conditioned 4-berth soft sleepers, as used on trains S1, S2, S3, S4.  It is a 4-berth compartment - the other two bunks are just out of shot to the right.  In the centre is a folding table.



Victoria Express - Deluxe cabin  Victoria Express - Dining car


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