Lotus Flowers Beautiy the West Lake



(VEN) - Many say that West Lake looks the prettiest early in the morning. Lotus plants have been grown in the western part of West Lake for the last century. With their attractive aroma and beauty, lotus flowers make the lake ever so charming.


Lotus flowers blossom in summer. They arouse the emotions of poets and lovers, and white tops of the flower pistil are used to prepare a traditional drink called che sen, which is especially enjoyed by Hanoians.
Lotus flowers are picked at 5am everyday. Most of the flowers are sold to families that make che sen (lotus tea). The white top of the flower pistil is the most fragrant part of the flower. One mixes this with tea buds or leaves to prepare che sen.
To make one kilo of che sen one needs 1,000 lotus flowers. And this is why che sen tastes so good. It's also why it's expensive.


Lotus flowers are picked at 5am everyday

Taking out white tops of the flowers for che sen preparation



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