Tom Chua Hue Hue Sour Shrimp

Tom Chua Hue - Hue Sour Shrimp

Tom Chua Hue - Hue Sour Shrimp

The Hue natives who live away from Hue, when visiting home usually take with them some flavors of their land, one of them is Sour Shrimp. The tourist before leaving Hue, also buy some jars for their relatives as present. They can make this dish with the same formula but only real sour shrimp in Hue is delicious, like Hue Mussel Rice. The dish can be made from all kind of shrimp, the fresher the better. Especially the tiger shrimp, at the boiled time, it becomes deliciously red. Because of its famous flavor, so some people make sour shrimp as their main career. In the past, at any occasion, they make sour shrimp at home but now; it is easy to buy from the markets.

Chose fresh shrimps of about the same size, clean and dry, put in wine until the liquid is out wine smell. Then bamboo shoot, garlic are sliced with ground, galingale, chili slices. Mix with shrimps and close the containers with some bamboo stick. Keep warm in 3 days. Then put in a cool and dry place. After 5 or 7 days we get very good sour shrimp. In the shop, with the order of customers they put in some more galingale to make it more delicious. During the meal we can put in some more condiment. We will find a very tasty dish with sour shrimp.


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