Pho Vietnamese Bee Noodle

Pho - Vietnamese Beef Noodle

Pho - Vietnamese Beef Noodle

Pho pronounces like "phir" in English. Pho is a wonderful dish for all Vietnamese people. Research shows that Pho have existed in Vietnam for about 100 years. It is like an ancient tree, which took roots, blossom out and spread wide inside the ground to ensure the best position in the food culture of Vietnam.

Statistics from books and dictionaries show that there are about 17 kind of Pho from the South to the North, but in fact the number is larger, some kind of Pho are mentioned unofficially but they still attract the eater so much like "Moc" Noodles (Bun Moc), Ten-ingredient Noodles (Pho thap cam).... Pho is a popular dish; we can eat any time. In Vietnam, Pho is a very popular breakfast. We can find its significance in each reason while eating Pho. Vietnamese people eat Pho since being a baby. Pho for a baby does not include so much condiment as: shallot, lemon and chili for the style. Even vegetarian people can eat Pho without meat. The young noodle dish for a baby has roll rice cake and boiled water only.

Pho is basically made with beef. There may have some kinds of other meat with better taste, but Pho always goes with beef. If you want to change the taste of beef, the chicken or seafood as crab or shrimp can be a good substitute. The most suitable way of eating Pho is using well beef. The smelling of it is better than rare beef but this is the leading of Pho. On the artistic side, the well done beef is always more beautiful than rare one.


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