Tieu My Tho My Tho Seaood Noodle

Tieu My Tho - My Tho Seafood Noodle

Hu Tieu My Tho - My Tho Seafood Noodle

My Tho seafood noodles soup is different from Chinese one, Nam Vang, beef noodles and Hue style beef noodles soup, because it is used without herb or salad but with bean-sprouts, lemon, chili and soya sauce. The most important thing makes the fame of My Tho seafood noodles soup that so many people liked from 1960s is the rice flour for the noodles and the pot of boiled water with secret preparation of famous shop in My Tho: Phanh Ky, Nam Son, Tuyen Ky and generation recently. It is said that the most delicious noodles soup should be made by Go Cat rice (special food like Tau Huong from Dao market rice), this is the most famous rice growing area of My Phong village, a suburb of My Tho. And the rice in Go Cat can make the noodles, roll paper, luck cake with the fame for over 40 years.   But the My Tho noodles soup is really delicious with dried noodles, put in boiled water, sour with onion-fried, cleaned water for look good.

The noodle soup better in boiled water, of course each shop has each secret. Basically, the sweet in water is from grilled cracked bone, meat and dried squid (cuticle fish) and some particular condiments and it was cooked for the taste of customers. People can not ignore the food while the cook open the pot of soup with rememberable smelling.  There for, so may people eat My Tho noodles, even the noddle houses are printed in guidebooks. Previously, for a good look of noodles, they put a shrimp in disk but now for reasonable price also, they put a couple of small eggs or pieces of BBQ pork. My Tho noodles soup is a special food with traditional color of domestic people who love My Tho or love the friendly, sincere manner of people in the South Vietnam.


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