Chao Tom Grilled Shrimp Paste

Chao Tom - Grilled Shrimp Paste

Chao Tom - Grilled Shrimp Paste

Shrimp is clean up the cover, the black line on back, pitching in salt, putting in water of coconut. And pick up for preparation. This is the important task, the grilled paste is crunching or not. If we put in grinder the shrimp flour will be soft but not crunch. We should play in stone mill, at that time the shrimp flour will be glutinous into a white-pink block. Shrimp will have a special smell by the garlic, salt, peppers.   The grease should be cut in pieces, mix with sugar and draw under sunlight until it becomes a liquid, mix with shrimp in delicious fish sauce. The dwarf sugarcane is chopped like a chopstick and cover by shrimp flour, leave the two heads for handling. On the fire, we put the grilled shrimp paste, the smelling cannot dismiss. The sweet of sugarcane and shrimp makes the pure sweet. 

 Grilled shrimp paste should be used with good fish sauces. There is no other portion with the care in making sauces. Grind the white bean soup, the tamarind, the bean sauces mixed up with a little of boiled sugar water, pouring the flour of roast peanuts, and some garlic and chili. The disk of grilled shrimp paste is ready for you. The dish is good with green color of herb, the red of chili; the white color of bitle banana, yellow color of peanut. Eating a piece of grilled shrimp paste, we fell all tastes: sour, spicy, salty, sweet.


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