Daklak Attractions

Lak lake

At 56 km from Buonmathuot City along NR 27. You will find Lak Lake a M’nong appelation meaning " Water". Lak Lake covers more than 600 ha with its surface towering at 500m above sae level.

   On an elevation by the Lake is Bao Dai Palace with commands an Excellent ponoramic view of the Lake,

crystal clear water, paddly fieds. The meandering Krong Na river and the "buon" villages of M’ nong lake in Distance with the highest peak being the Chu Jang Sing (2405m). At Lak Lake, tourists may row their dug outs to the sight of blossoming lotus flowers or riding elephant to visit villages or stay there over night to join in Gong performance, dance, drink jar wine or listen to the Edeh’s stories depicting habits and customs of M’ nong people.

Dray sap waterfall

Distant from Buonmathuot City 28 km along NR 14 to the South East. D’ray Sap waterfall means Smoke Fall in Edeh.

D’ray Sap deserves to be reckoned as one of the most scencic sport of the Western Highlands, being both wild and romantic and where may be found relaxing moments so enjoyable after journey.

Namka primeval forest

At 80 km from Buonmathuot City in the south East ( Nationa Route 24), nam Ka is one of the few remaining primeval forests in Vietnam, covering an are of about 35.000 ha. It is an ideal plece for tourists Who love natural environment and wild life of animal. Especoally, tourists will be stayedin the old Giang Bang village, lived together, contact with the ethnic people ( Edeh group), discover many mystery things in the long house – on stilts and culture of them among deep in Namka forest.

Toursts will be kept the beautiful memories after this adventure tour.


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