Mui Ca Mau National Park


Mui Ca Mau National Park

Mui Ca Mau National Park is situated on the Ca Mau peninsula, at the southernmost tip of Vietnam. The national park supports extensive, continually accreting mudflats, which are being colonised naturally by mangrove.

Birding highlights: Chinese Egret, Far Eastern Curlew, Black-headed Ibis and Asian Dowitcher.

Star rating: éé

Bird fauna: Mui Ca Mau is an important staging area for migratory shorebirds, egrets, gulls and terns. Rare species regularly recorded at the site include Chinese Egret, Spot-billed Pelican, Asian Dowitcher, Far Eastern Curlew, Black-headed Ibis and Painted Stork. The site also supports large concentrations of Whiskered Tern, Caspian Tern and Eurasian Curlew.


Other featuresSouthernmost tip of Vietnam, mangroves.

Transportation: Air and boat. The national park is one-and-a-half hours by speed boat from Ca Mau town. There are regular flights between Ca Mau town and Ho Chi Minh City.

Accommodation: There are numerous hotels and guesthouses in Ca Mau town 

Permission: Mui Ca Mau is a tourism site, accessible for all Vietnamese and foreign visitors


Contact details: Mui Ca Mau National Park, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, Tel.: +(84 780) 870545/824625

Ca Mau Tourism, Tel.: +(84 780) 832238

Mui Ca Mau Cultural and Tourism Site, Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district,
Tel.: +(84 780) 870813


  Bird list (source: BirdLife International Vietnam Programme)

1. Laced Woodpecker


2. Greater Flameback


3. Common Kingfisher


4. Stork-billed Kingfisher


5. Black-capped Kingfisher


6. Collared Kingfisher


7. Plaintive Cuckoo


8. Green-billed Malkoha


9. Greater Coucal


10. Needletail species


11. Large-tailed Nightjar


12. Slaty-breasted Rail


13. White-breasted Waterhen


14. Black-tailed Godwit


15. Bar-tailed Godwit


16. Whimbrel


17. Eurasian Curlew


18. Eastern Curlew


19. Common Redshank


20. Marsh Sandpiper


21. Common Greenshank


22. Wood Sandpiper


23. Terek Sandpiper


24. Common Sandpiper


25. Grey-tailed Tattler


26. Ruddy Turnstone


27. Asian Dowitcher


28. Curlew Sandpiper


29. Black-winged Stilt


30. Pacific Golden Plover


31. Grey Plover


32. Lesser Sand Plover


33. Greater Sand Plover


34. Grey-headed Lapwing


35. Brown-headed Gull


36. Gull-billed Tern


37. Caspian Tern


38. Common Tern


39. Whiskered Tern


40. Osprey


41. Black-shouldered Kite


42. Brahminy Kite


43. Peregrine Falcon


44. Little Cormorant


45. Little Egret


46. Chinese Egret


47. Grey Heron


48. Purple Heron


49. Great Egret


50. Pond Heron species


51. Chinese Pond Heron


52. Javan Pond Heron


53. Little Heron


54. Yellow Bittern


55. Black-headed Ibis


56. Spot-billed Pelican


57. Painted Stork


58. Golden-bellied Gerygone


59. Racket-tailed Treepie


60. Pied Fantail


61. Black Drongo


62. Common Iora


63. Oriental Magpie Robin


64. White-vented Myna


65. Barn Swallow


66. Oriental White-eye


67. Oriental Reed Warbler


68. Common Tailorbird


69. Ashy Tailorbird


70. Dusky Warbler


71. Olive-backed Sunbird


72. Grey Wagtail


73. Richard's Pipit



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