Ca Mau and Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuaries


Ca Mau and Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuaries

This page describes two bird sanctuaries in the Mekong Delta. Ca Mau Bird Sanctuary is a small wetland inside Ca Mau town, while Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary comprises a 132 ha wetland in the coastal zone.

Birding highlights: Indian Cormorant, Little Cormorant and Oriental Darte

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Bird fauna: Although neither site supports a great number of bird species, they make up for it in bird abundance. Both sites support several thousand breeding waterbirds, most of which belong to five species: Little Cormorant, Indian Cormorant, Little Egret, Cattle Egret and Black-crowned Night Heron. Other, rarer species that have also been recorded at Bac Lieu Bird Santuary include Black-headed Ibis, Oriental Darter and Painted Stork.

Other features: None

Transportation: Car

Accommodation: Not far from Ca Mau and Bac Lieu Towns, where hotels and guest houses are available

Permission: Both bird sanctuaries are well established tourism sites. Entrance fees are charged.

Contact details: Any tour operator in Ho Chi Minh City or Ca Mau Town, 
Bird list (source: BirdLife International Vietnam Programme)

1. Lesser Wistling-Duck

2. Cotton Pygmy-goose

3. Black-winged Stilt

4. Oriental Pratincole

5. Whiskered Tern

6. Black-shoudered Kite

7. Oriental Darter

8. Little Cormorant

9. Indian Cormorant


10. Little Egret

11. Grey Heron

12. Purple Heron

13. Great Egret

14. Intermediate Egret

15. Cattle Egret

16. Chinese Pond Heron

17. Javan Pond Heron

18. Little Heron

19. Black-crowned Night Heron

20. Yellow Bittern

21. Black Bittern

22. Glossy Ibis

23. Black-headed Ibis

24. Painted Stork

25. Asian Koel

26. Yellow-vented Bulbul

27. Pied Fantail

28. Streaked Weaver


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