Banh Chung Rice Cake

Banh Chung - Rice Cake

Banh Chung - Rice Cake Rice cake is our custom dish, which never lacks in Nguyen Dan Lunar New Year of Vietnamese people. At least, Vietnamese people have to prepare a couple of rice cake. Rice cake is in green cover and four-cornered dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in rush or bamboo leaves and boiled. By the rice cake legend, it is found in Hung Vuong Empire, when Lang Lieu prince submit it to the King Hung, he was praised and taken the post. The wrapping works are very painstaking. The sticky rice must be very good and was soaked in water the day before. The pork meat for filling must be pig with full lean, aft and peel. Rice cake is wrapped square, not tight nor loose. Rice cake should be boiled at once, by wood, woodduct and rice husk is better.  In Vietnam, you can enjoy Rice cake at any time, but you can feel it clearly in Nguyen Dan Lunar New Year. At that time, beside the dish of rice cake you could see dishes of lean meat pie, salty orion to eat with. In the tradition of Vietnam, before the New Year one or two day, by the warm fire, the family sit aside telling the past stories and ready for a New Year with hopeful wishes of the best thing. 



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