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For special guests who want to be treated exceptionally
With our exclusive VIP service your guests’ trip to Ho Chi Minh City , Hanoi or other cities in Vietnam begins and ends in total comfort. It was created for those people that need special attention and anonymity no matter whether arriving with a private or scheduled flight.

Relax and let us take care of everything
Departure Service - Even before your guests arrive at the airport their boarding pass is ready and luggage checked in. By the time they arrive all emigration and customs formalities have been completed. Your guests can get the most out of their business trip or well-deserved sleep and arrive at the airport only 30 minutes before departure. Our VIP lounge offers anonymity and comfort for either just your guests or for a last minute meeting with you and your staff before they leave. We will bring them to the aircraft just in time where you or your staff can see them off.

Arrival Service - We discretely escort your guests from the aircraft to our VIP lounge, after they have been welcomed by you or your staff. We will take your guests by modern car in case the airline company does not use boarding bridges. While they relax in the VIP lounge or have a first meeting with you and your staff, we take care of all customs and immigration formalities and collect their baggage.

Comfortable, relaxing and time saving!

Number of pax Round Trip
(Welcome And See Off)
One way
(Welcome Or See Off)
1-2 650 USD/pax 500 USD/pax
From 3rd 250 USD/pax 200 USD/pax

For businessmen who spend too much time travelling already

Our executive service helps visitors to get the most out of their trip to Ho Chi Minh City. Their trip begins and ends stress-free as they no longer need to spend time queuing up for immigration and customs.

Experience first priority and save up to 1.5 hours waiting time
Departure Service - Even before passengers arrive at the airport their boarding pass is ready and luggage already checked in. Passengers can get the most out of their business trip or well-deserved sleep and arrive at the airport only 30 minutes before departure. We escort them through customs and emigration with first priority. Queuing up is not necessary as we have a counter especially reserved for them.

Arrival Service - We meet your guests as soon as they arrive in the terminal. Queuing up for immigration and customs is not necessary as they get first priority in a reserved counter. This saves up to 1.5 hours of waiting during peak times of the airport. If passengers do not want to wait for their baggage, they can leave the airport immediately and we will bring their baggage to their hotel or your office.

Comfortable, prompt and time saving!


For businessmen who want to give their guests a special welcome
There is an alternative to sending your driver when you are too busy to pick up your guests. With our Welcome Service we welcome your guests on your behalf inside the air-conditioned arrival hall.

No long waiting time outside the airport
We will inform your car that your guests are ready for transfer to their hotel or to your office. Your guests do not need to wait outside in the humid warmth as they can leave the arrival hall when their car is just a few meters away.

Limousine service upon request
In case you do not have a car available we are happy to arrange a car or taxi for you. Our fleet of cars includes the most high-quality cars from Toyota Land Cruiser to Lexus, BMW Series 7 and even Mercedes S-500.


For last-minute travellers or travellers that simply were too busy before their trip to Vietnam

Who needs a visa for Vietnam?
Unless visitors come from certain ASEAN countries, Korea, Japan or Scandinavia and stay shorter than 15 days, they need to have their visa arranged before departing for Vietnam.

Obtaining a visa can be costly and time consuming
A visa can be acquired at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate abroad. Some Embassies and Consulates accept visa applications by post. This benefits travellers that live far away from the Embassy or Consulate. However the post system is not always reliable and it is surely not the fastest way.

Visa on arrival: Convenient and Simple

A simple fax or email with your passport details to Discovery Indochina is enough! Within five working days or in urgent cases 5 working hours we send you the approval document by email or fax. You conveniently obtain your visa upon arrival at one of the international airports in Vietnam.


  Normal Visa
(03 working days)
Urgent Visa
(01 working day)
Service fee 60 90
Visa upon arrival

Go anywhere wheels can reach
No matter whether you just need an airport pickup in a luxurious car or a car for several days, our modern car fleet and professional drivers are at your service. Our skilled and experienced drivers can bring you anywhere in Vietnam in the car that best suits your needs.

The right car for every occasion
Our fleet includes any type of car for any occasion from four-wheel-drive cars for bumpy roads to the most luxurious cars to pick up your VIPs. We even have buses to transport a larger number of passengers. Toyota Land Cruiser, BMW and Mercedes S-500 are just a small selection of what we can offer.

One single payment for all limousine orders
At the end of each month you will receive one single invoice for all services you booked via Discovery Indochina. No matter where in Vietnam you ordered our service.


For unexperienced travellers or travellers with a lot of luggage. With the easy check-in service Discovery Indochina carries your luggage inside the airport to the check-in counter and assists you with the check-in formalities. With the easy boarding service Discovery Indochina not only completes the check-in service but in addition assists the passenger with customs and immigrations and escorts the passenger to the boarding gate.

Please contact our service counter opposite the international arrival for assistence.


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