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Hoian Cultural Village



Hoian district and town is on the lower section of the Thu Bon River system. It is in the coastal plain of Quang Nam province, just 28 km to the Southeast of Danang City.

 Hoian is located at latitudes 15o1526 - 15o5515 North and longitudes 108o1708 - 108o2310 East and shares the boarders with Duy Xuyen district in the South, Dien Ban district in the West and North and the Pacific ocean (the East Sea) in the East.



The climate in Hoian is rather mild. The annual average temperature is 25.6o, the percentage of humidity is 82%, rainfall reaches up to 2066mm and sunshine of 2158 hours.



Hoian has a natural area of 6027.25 Ha (60sq.km) inhabited by 81.021 people.


Hoian has a coast of 7 km with many nice beaches that are favourable for tourism development. Hoian also has a large fishery plentiful with sea products. About 15km from the Cua Dai beach lies the Cham archipelago (of 1,591 ha) where there are many famous sea swallow nests (bird nests) and good conditions to promote ecological tourism.




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