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Motorcycling through the villages, rice fields, mountains, valleys, rivers, beaches and meet with local people along the way. A motorbike really is a great way to get around the country given the appalling state of many of Vietnam country’s roads (though to somebody’s credit, many are getting some kind of upgrade now) and contrary to what one may assume, you do not have to be an experienced rider to navigate most of these roads.  With motorbike ride we can have access  to the hidden villages of Vietnam that can't be possible otherwiseThis is a great experience the motor bike adventure tour has to offer.


Motorbikes: We use Minks 125 cc and Honda  250cc. The Minks 125  is a very robust off road bike. It is functionally reliable and can cope with all terrain condition in Vietnam. We use this motorbike for North West region and throughout the country and get rave view from clients. It has the perfect power/weight ratio for the conditions in Vietnam. We have ample supplied and well maintained bikes, all our own, which are included in your package price. These bikes are kept in gppd  condition for the bumpy roads ahead. .

Support Vehicle : We use also support A.C vehicles which are ideally for  novice rider s or those who simply want to change the air by taking a short lift en route.  Our jeep is however open and without air conditioning, good experience to venture the off road which can't be accessible by other vehicle.

Our Guide Rider & Support Team:
Our guides are instrumental
o our trip success. They are open minded, friendly and knowledgeable. They do know not only the answer to easy out your questions and help facilitate to bring you into contact with local people and interaction with villagers, children.. en route  but also to teach you everything you need to know about the art of motorcycle riding in Vietnam and give you a run-through of some of the more peculiar ways of Vietnamese traffic.  Still, some on-road experience and a full understanding of the arduous nature of this kind of trip in the wilds are essential. Their calmness patience and their technical know-how  are rewarded especially the bikes suddenly broke out  along the way though it  rarely happens - but it does sometimes we never know!!  Our back up teams are 24 hour on call , they stay alert and ensure things can be done and and in the good mood  with peace of mind and nice smile!

Motorbiking to Mai Chau &  Red River Rural Village
Route: Hanoi – Hoa Binh – Mai Chau – Hoalu/NinhBinh – Hanoi
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Feature: An amazing country bike ride through verdant villages, paddy fields, rugged  mountains and scenic valleys of Hoa Binh (Mai Chau) and breathtaking limestone formation of  Ninh Binh ( rainforest of Cuc Phuong National Park, and Halong bay on land Tamcoc ThungNang and ancient capital Hoalu). All is off the main route ride and includes some trek in the rain forest of National Park and pleasant encounter with tribal people.

 Northwest Exploration and Ethnic Minority Encounter
Route: Hanoi – Mai Chau – Son La – Lai Chau – Tam Duong – Sapa – Hanoi.
Duration: 7 days / 7 nights
Feature: An
unforgettable experience, on the saddle of the motorbike, through different provinces of ethnic minorities habitats stretched along the border with Lao and the border with China, meeting lots of colorful minorities, with trekking and visiting the local villages. And of the interesting thing is to visit the Sunday markets seeing the trading of the hill tribes in full swing.

Biking Scenic North Vietnam
Route: Hanoi – Langson -That Khe - Caobang - Babe - HaGiang - Thabac - Phu Yen - Maichau
Duration: 9days /8 nights

Feature: An off the beaten biking route to the mazes of Northern Vietnam with the lesser known "Route 4C" bringing you into contact with friendly people of Northern Vietnam, Tay Nung, Dzao, Thai H'mong, sample different culture and meeting with lots of corlorful tribal along the way  from Langson to Chinese border and scenic water fall of Bangioc, rain forest of limestone Babe national park, HaGiang far flung area and quaint river lake of Thacba to the hidden tribal village of Phuyen and green valley of Maichau

Ethnic Minority Encounter
Route: Hanoi – Camson– QuangUyen- Bangioc - Baolac - Hagiang - Lucyen- Vulinh - Babe -  Hanoi
Duration: 10 days / 9 nights
An insight in rural life of Vietnam, its varied ethnic groups, isolated villages and hidden  beauty await your exploration.

Vietnam North - South 
Route: Hanoi – Halong - Hoalu/Ninhbinh - Vinh - PhongNa - Hue - Hoian - Kontum - Pleiku - Banmethuot - Nhatrang - Dalat - HCM city - Mekong Delta
18 days /17 nights
A breath takes your away along the length and breath of Vietnam with scenic coastal area, cruising Halong bay, riding PhongNha world heritage, visiting cultural significant Hue, and quaint township of Hoian, ruined Cham tower of Myson and ethnic minorities people in Central highland of Kontum, Pleiku riding elephant in Banmethuot village, boating Nhatrang beach and fishing villages, Dalat mountain retreat before riding our way to HCM city and endless Mekong water way with bobbling commotion of ladden boats josting to floating market...

Vietnam Traverse
Route:  Saigon - Mekong Delta - Nhatrang - Dalat - Central highland(Banmethuot , Pleiku, Kontum) - Quynhon - Hoian - Danang - Hue - PhongNha - DMZ - Vinh - Ninhbinh - Halong - Hanoi
17 days /16 nights

From Mekong to the Mount Sapa
Route:  Saigon - Dalat - Buon Me Thuot - Pleiku - Kontum - Hoian - Hue -   Hanoi - Sonla - Laichau - Sapa - HaGiang - Hanoi
15 days /14 nights



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Motor bike Travel Vietnam and experience Vietnam highlight from Saigon to Dalat Nhatrang Central Highland Hoi An Hue, Hanoi, Sonla, Laichau, Sapa, HaGiang and more!!!