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Ginger Cruise Welcome aboard the Halong Ginger
wooden junk that combines classic beauty with modern comfort. Measuring 35 meters
(105 feet) in length, this newly built, custom-designed junk features three decks that house an elegant restaurant, lounge, two bars, a small boutique shop and library - plus ten luxurious sleeping cabins. With so much space, passengers can truly unwin.

The Ginger restaurant
A pleasant ambiance, attentive staff and great views make our restaurant the perfect place to sample the exotic delights of Vietnamese cuisine. Guests can look forward to lavish international breakfast, casual, sit-down lunches of Vietnamese dishes, and formal dinners with delectable cuisine.

Discover the splendors of Halong Bay beauty, few visitors are aware that the three-thousand islands that dot this bay are home to many rare plants, including species found nowhere else in the world. We chose our boat’s name—Halong Ginger—because, like the plant it was named after, our junk is perfectly suited to this environment. With its golden sails, polished woodwork and refined, Asian décor, the Halong Ginger offers an unforgettable ambiance of relaxed elegance. Join us, and see Halong Bay in style.
Guest Cabin
While the view is undoubtedly the best feature of each of our ten guest cabins, you will also appreciate the cabins’ taste- ful décor and furnishings. To comple- ment the bay’s natural beauty we have outfitted the cabins in natural materials.
The Sun Deck
With its comfortable lounge chairs, fresh breeze and dazzling views, the Sundeck invites guests to lie back and relax. The Sunset Bar is a delightful place to social- ize and watch the sun sink behind the bay’s myriad islands.
Guest Cabin Spectifcations

Cabins: 2
•   Size: 14 sqm
•   Queen-sizebed
•   3 bay view pan- orama windows
•   Spacious bathroom
•   A/C
•   Mini bar
Cabins: 8
•   Size: 12 sqm
•   2 Twin beds
•   2 bay view pan- orama windows
•   Spacious bathroom
•   A/C
•   Mini bar

Optional ACTIVITIES Sunrise Tai Chi classes:  Greet the day with a morning Tai Chi class, held—weather permitting—on the open-air Sundeck.
Kayaking: Explore the bay’s unin- habited islands and sea caverns in our imported Canadian Seaward kayaks. Snorkeling: Discover the colorful coral and fish that lie beneath the surface of the bay’s clear, calm water.
Cooking classes: Learn more about the ingredients and techniques used to cre- ate mouthwatering Vietnamese dishes. Special events: Traditional dances and musical performances, fashion shows, and other events may be arranged upon request.






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